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Swallow by pikadisQ Swallow :iconpikadisq:pikadisQ 4 0
The Deviants part 3
The Deviants part three
            After leaving Greystone behind in the dust, our heroes wander aimlessly in the notorious city of Lightyear Square. Filled to the brim with sin of generations past, one must be weary of their shrouding presence in the streets. Neon signs advertising casinos blocked out the stars from view and doormen at every corner shout of wonders beyond imagining inside to hook passerby’s in with deals. Marco felt overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of the city because everywhere he turned something awful would reveal its ugly head. “This nothing like Greystone … I feel a much darker atmosphere than those shadows you faced. What is that expression the living say? No rest for the wicked.”
            “Relax” said Yasiku looking in wonder of the lights and sounds. “We have enough money for a hotel and we
:iconpikadisq:pikadisQ 4 2
Marble rolling while eyes closed by pikadisQ Marble rolling while eyes closed :iconpikadisq:pikadisQ 0 0 Nail polish in water by pikadisQ Nail polish in water :iconpikadisq:pikadisQ 0 0 Sea foam shaving cream by pikadisQ Sea foam shaving cream :iconpikadisq:pikadisQ 0 0 My teacher as the joker by pikadisQ My teacher as the joker :iconpikadisq:pikadisQ 2 1 Discord cosplay by pikadisQ Discord cosplay :iconpikadisq:pikadisQ 4 0
The Deviants part two
The Deviants part two
             The mist shrouding the path towards Greystone was ominous and our heroes felt they were being watched as unnatural noises echoed in response with every step they took. Greystone was known as the sleepless town with more graves than people and rumors of nightmares coming to life to haunt any soul living or visiting the cursed land. Arriving at hells gate a broken sign welcomed the travelers … “I’d turn back if I were you” …. Yasiku and Pika bravely ventured in hoping to find an inn that was open but every building was empty when they knocked on every door till one voice cried out.
            “Fools don’t you know it’s the witching hour. Leave before the dark shadows know you’re here! I don’t want to dig two more grave as I play the role of undertaker in this cursed village
:iconpikadisq:pikadisQ 4 3
The devaints Part one
The deviant’s chapter one
    At the edge of nowhere a man begins a journey to escape monotony with a few friends he meets along the way. 
    The clock stroked midnight and a shooting star runs for his life as an angry mob with torches lit bright crimson growing wilder every passing minute. Stuck between a rushing waterfall and an inferno hungry for blood our hero hides inside a twisted tree, the possessed crowd races past cursing his name.
    “Filthy mortal stole the sacred tomes of forbidden magic! Turn every rock and stone till we find the thief! Master Barnum will have our heads and paint the walls in our blood if we don’t catch him!
    One by one the monsters searched without any luck till a glow emanates from the hollow tree and swiftly stars begin to fall like rain. Crashing down to earth the stars began to dance around the mob toying with its prey then suddenly explo
:iconpikadisq:pikadisQ 4 2
The deviants by pikadisQ The deviants :iconpikadisq:pikadisQ 5 7 Easter eggs by pikadisQ Easter eggs :iconpikadisq:pikadisQ 0 2 Color me this mobile by pikadisQ Color me this mobile :iconpikadisq:pikadisQ 1 0 Shrinking art by pikadisQ Shrinking art :iconpikadisq:pikadisQ 2 0 Bubble print art by pikadisQ Bubble print art :iconpikadisq:pikadisQ 3 0 Sharpie art number one by pikadisQ Sharpie art number one :iconpikadisq:pikadisQ 0 1 A holy pear by pikadisQ A holy pear :iconpikadisq:pikadisQ 2 1


Untitled by theswilkieway Untitled :icontheswilkieway:theswilkieway 2 0
The Balcony Of Santiago
The balcony of Santiago
    He took the same white walnut chair as usually and led it to the edge of the balcony. He placed it carefully on the white tile. He took the book he was reading since a few weeks. He contemplated the white facade situated at the other side of the Santiago way. The terraces were as desert as they used to be. A slight breeze shook the curtains of the empty rooms. He finally sat down and dived into his story. He disappeared into its depths and suddenly found himself enveloped in a symphony of words and sentences.
    The book talked about the police investigation of the mysterious murder of the English woman Megan Jordans. The inspector Rodríguez was charged to lead this investigation. He was working on this case for several months. The long research didn't bring to light any clue on the author or the circumstances of the murder and the headmen of Rodríguez were beginning to lose patience. Despite de lack of evidences, the tenacious
:iconmarcohauwert:MarcoHauwert 1 0
Sketch of the Wanderer above the Sea of Fog by MarcoHauwert Sketch of the Wanderer above the Sea of Fog :iconmarcohauwert:MarcoHauwert 17 9 Lil human  by SquashyMoon Lil human :iconsquashymoon:SquashyMoon 6 6 Cyber Form by RockingFantasy Cyber Form :iconrockingfantasy:RockingFantasy 11 853 Easter Kiss by Mangakiss Easter Kiss :iconmangakiss:Mangakiss 154 87 Part of your world by CristianoReina Part of your world :iconcristianoreina:CristianoReina 1,093 197 Scott Pilgrim  by GhibliLover92 Scott Pilgrim :iconghiblilover92:GhibliLover92 5 8 Shadows of heros Jail scene (Requested) by Yasiku Shadows of heros Jail scene (Requested) :iconyasiku:Yasiku 23 185 request 4/10 by SquashyMoon request 4/10 :iconsquashymoon:SquashyMoon 4 2 Wizard of Darkness by Xanderleonart Wizard of Darkness :iconxanderleonart:Xanderleonart 404 70 Ride Kiss by Mangakiss Ride Kiss :iconmangakiss:Mangakiss 203 730 Fight for Control by MarcoHauwert Fight for Control :iconmarcohauwert:MarcoHauwert 29 20 Disgust by Size-And-Stupidity Disgust :iconsize-and-stupidity:Size-And-Stupidity 110 35 Trying out my new watercolor pencils! #2 by MarcoHauwert Trying out my new watercolor pencils! #2 :iconmarcohauwert:MarcoHauwert 11 8 Trying out my new aquarelle pencils! by MarcoHauwert Trying out my new aquarelle pencils! :iconmarcohauwert:MarcoHauwert 17 11


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Gilbert Perez
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Hi I am an artist for fun plus living with autism helps bring my skills to be a realist with an analytical eye even though I am only beginning to start to bring my skills forward and I hope you like my work


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I love how full your art is!! It brings lots of feeling to your drawings in my opinion :3
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